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Teacher Workshops for 2021

Take a look at the upcoming IB Economics New Teacher Workshops designed to support, enhance, and empower you in the classroom.

Teacher Resource eBooks

A series of PDF eBooks created for the New 2020 IB Economics Syllabus. Excellent resource for teachers!

Teacher Mentoring Program

A one-on-one teacher collaboration program where we can share new ideas on lesson plans, new writing strategies for students, and perspectives on teaching the IB Economics curriculum.

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The School Subscription gives full access to 100 users (both teachers and students) to over 400 video lessons and over 1,000 downloadable documents covering the entirety of the two-year curriculum.

Teacher Mentoring - Individual Session

Looking for help with some aspect of teaching IB Economics? Whether it be teaching content, diagrams, writing strategies, assessment, the Internal Assessment, or the Extended Essay I am available to provide help and guidance.

IB Economics Teacher Workshops Testimonials

Hear it straight from IB teachers who attended last year!

“I am so glad I attended Brad Cartwright's IB Extended Essay Workshop, since it was insightful, informative, and useful. His practical, specific, and encouraging approach really outlined the role of the supervisor and how to guide the student to his/her best abilities. Thank you for showing us "what and how" we can bridge the objectives of the tasks and the mark scheme. I would absolutely recommend this, and all of his other workshops -- whether you are a new or experienced IB teacher.”

Sofia - Extended Essay Teacher Workshop

“This workshop wasn’t “extra” for my professional development. I would say it was ESSENTIAL! As someone new to the IB curriculum and teaching Economics, the workshop covered all the vital concept I need to know, to survive my first semester of teaching. Your workshop contained high-quality content, that was delivered with passion and a genuine desire to share your knowledge and present it in a way it becomes useful to teachers, with different levels of experience. In terms of what we covered and were able to achieve in only 2 days exceeded all expectations, the pace was fast but reasonable. You answered every question with grace, simplicity and absolute competence demonstrating your mastery in the field. I loved your energy, passion and generosity as a facilitator- and it is clear that it is your mission to help us become the best teachers we can be.”

Maxine | The New Teacher Workshop

“I highly recommend Brad’s Extended Essay Teacher Workshop, regardless of your experience level in teaching IB Economics. The biggest problem that the majority of us face as IB teachers is the lack of certainty on what and how to guide the EE process. Brad’s style of delivery is clear and well paced, and he provided us with solid strategies and resources to guide our students through the Extended Essay process. Another thing that Brad did was that he assumed zero prior knowledge. I loved this, because as a new IB Economics teacher I have felt a bit overwhelmed in the other workshops I have attended. The fact that he explained each area of the Extended Essay process in a non-judgmental way made it easy for everyone to ask any question that they wanted. Finally, it comes through clear as day that Brad really cares. IB teachers need support, understanding and guidance, not judgement and ridicule. I got so much peace of mind from this workshop and left feeling empowered to guide my students. ”

Jonathan - Extended Essay Teacher Workshop

“Brad's workshop was just what I needed to feel more confident when teaching Market Power. He clearly explained IB expectations, had great teaching ideas, and shared resources that I immediately used in the classroom. Plus it was super enjoyable, because Brad is a remarkable person and dedicated professional. I highly recommend his workshops and his online materials—they are very helpful!”

Wendy | Teaching Market Power Workshop

“I can say without reservation that this was the best IB teacher workshop I have attended. Not only was it completely beneficial in meeting my needs, but Brad’s relaxed yet enthusiastic approach allayed many of the concerns I have as a first year IB Economics teacher.”

John | New Teacher Workshop

“The most helpful part of Brad's workshop was the clarification on structure of the Internal. Assessment and the best type of articles to use to get the most out of the IA commentary. I was very grateful for Brad's continued ability to answer my questions throughout to ensure that I fully understood what was being communicated and could challenge some of my current practice. The session was very interactive and almost personalized.”

Fiona - The Internal Assessment Teacher Workshop

“The best part of Brad's Internal Assessment workshop was the practical and easily actionable step by step approach he took us through. It was very much a "How to" workshop that cut through unnecessary material and explained to us exactly how to guide students through the Internal Assessment Process. It was a very powerful and empowering workshop. I highly recommend any of Brad's teacher workshops!”

Jonathan - Internal Assessment Teacher Workshop

"I would love to share what I’ve learned from experience, from mistakes made, and from working with thousands of students over the years."

A little bit about me...

I currently teach IB Economics and Theory of Knowledge in Santiago, Chile. I have also served as the IB Extended Essay Coordinator for the past four years.  I have 20 years of classroom experience, ten of which have been teaching both High Level and Standard Level IB Economics.  

Prior to moving to Chile in 2012, I spent four years at the American School of Nicaragua.  Three of those years I taught high school history, one of them I spent as High School Principal.  I began my teaching career in 2002 at the Atlanta Girls’ School in the United States. 

Prior to teaching, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the central mountains of the Dominican Republic. I am a graduate of Duke University where I studied Public Policy Studies and History.  

Teaching IB Economics has been the most rewarding experience of my twenty-year career and I would love to share a bit of what I've learned along the way.  

Please don't hesitate to send me an email to brad@bradcartwright.com if you have any questions.

Wishing you all the best out there.  

Stay safe and healthy!