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This Teacher Subscription is for you! As an IB Economics teacher, I have often found myself striving to cover content, to teach effective writing strategies, to embed real-life examples, and to give compelling lessons. It’s a challenging task, but it’s what brings the curriculum alive. These resources are designed to accompany and support you every step of the way. Fully updated for the NEW CURRICULUM, this subscription will give you full access to all of the resources you need—INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS, MICROECONOMICS, MARKET POWER, MACROECONOMICS, AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. Scroll down for Free Video Previews!

  • Fully updated for the NEW IB Economics Curriculum including units on the Evolution of Economic Thinking, Behavioral Economics, Market Power, and the Global Economy!

  • 400+ IB Specific Video Lessons that break down each chapter of the IB Economics curriculum into manageable parts

  • Over 1,000 downloadable documents - Instructor's Notes, Slides, IB Key Terms and Core Concepts, Review Questions, IB Practice Exam Questions

  • Use all resources in your classroom with your students whenever you want

  • New to teaching IB Economics? This site will provide you with a step-by-step path to the entire 2-year course of study of IB Economics

  • Fully downloadable IB Economics Internal Assessment Student Handbook

  • Share your thoughts with other IB Economics teachers around the world via the Discussion module

  • An excellent use of school Professional Development funds

  • Includes both Standard Level and High Level material

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Behavioral Economics: The 21st Century

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Cognitive Biases (HL Topic)

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Introduction to Government Intervention