I teach IB Economics in Santiago, Chile. I love to travel, to go on road trips in my campervan, and I love to teach.  As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, a graduate of Duke University, and someone who has traveled to over 55 countries around world, you will see how those experiences have shaped my  teachings of Economics.

Economics is philosophy.  Economics the study of human behavior.  Economics isn't about data and graphs and problem sets.  It our behavior that creates that data, not the other way around. A comprehensive understanding of Economics provides an understanding of ourselves, of what motivates us, and, maybe more importantly, of what doesn't motivate us.  That is why it is so fascinating to teach, and also why I believe a study of economics is critical to truly understanding the world around us--and I do not believe it is speaking in hyperbole to say that a thorough understanding of Economics enables us to understand a key aspect of the human condition.  

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