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“Dear Brad, I took your IB Economics course to prepare for mocks and actual exams. During these crazy times, in my HL Economics class I've had 4 teachers in 2 years, and straight up no economics taught for about 3 months. I truly struggled with the subject, I believed I was on pace for a 3. But after sitting down, and grinding your entire course about 3-4 times, I felt strong about economics in the IB. I want to thank you because today I found out I got a 6 in the class, something I NEVER imagined, even after exams and your courses, I was aiming for a 5, satisfied with a 4. Thank you for teaching me a subject that at one point I saw as a burden and a mistake, and turning it into something i enjoyed debating with my friends. You are an amazing teacher, thank you again.”

Benjamin - Class of 2021

“Hi Brad, I have just finished my IB economics exams in Spain, and just would really like to thank you, because everything I wrote on those exams was thanks to you! I changed from philosophy to economics really late in the first year of diploma, and coincidentally a world pandemic started so all my economics classes were online, and its fair to say that things weren't working out, my teacher promised to help me catch up with all the economics work I had to catch up on, but he never did. So I did a little investigation and found your platform and saved my course. So I just wanted to take the time to send you an email to thank you (once again). This may sound strange but I feel like I know you after the courses. Also, your personality is very likeable which makes learning even more fluid, I'm sure you're a great teacher in Chile! I don't know if you'll end up reading this email anytime soon, but I felt the need to express my gratitude, ill definitely recommend it to some of my friends if DP1. Have a nice day!”

Lucia - Class of 2021

“Hello Brad! I just got my IB results and got a 6 in economics and was only a few marks away from a 7! Once again this would not have been possible without your online course. Thank you so much! Hahaha I just felt like sharing the news with you, as I really do consider you my only economics teacher! Thank you and take care!”

Lucia - Class of 2021

“Dear Brad, I’m so excited to tell you I got a 7 in Economics so I’m going to be accepted to my school with 40 points overall. I wanted to stress how absolutely incredibly thankful I am for your help and your lessons, I truly credit you for this achievement. Thank you so so so much! ”

Fiona - Class of 2021

“OMG! I am so grateful of coming across this website. Doing economics for the first time and also at the HL level was stressful but now I am able to understand the concepts. One concept that I had a really hard time with was dead weight loss but now I completely understand how it occurs. I AM SO ECSTATIC!”

Rampranav - Class of 2021

“Changed my life! I've been using this website since Covid-19 took over and it has helped me so much for studying IB. The notes are really useful and the courses so well organized that it makes it easy and enjoyable to learn heavy content”

Pratiti - Class of 2021

“This website is the holy bible of IB Economics. Everything is extremely organized, all the concepts are explained properly (with lots of details), and it is easy to understand. Also, it is important to mention that there are notes/presentations to download for every single topic that contains all the information one could possibly need. Mr. Cartwright, you are the man. Props to you for making such an amazing website. ”

Nicolas - Class of 2021

“You have saved me regarding this subject! I am studying with three kids at home due to the Corona virus. The school I am studying for have not adapted to distance teaching. That have the effect that I am not being supported with the quality that I need to succeed. Thanks to your amazing presentation of the subject, you have made this a breeze to learn. When I have my exam in two weeks, I will be confident that I will nail the test. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge in Economics and the time you have put in to making this high-quality content!”

Gregor - Class of 2021

“Dear Mr Cartwright, I started the IB course in 2019, taking Economics as one of my higher level subjects. I found microeconomics easy, but macroeconomics really took its toll on me and I was left with no understanding of the fundamentals by Christmas. I was getting worried, and that's when I found a post on reddit by one of your students promoting your website, and I fell in love with your style of teaching. If it wasn't for you, I don't think I could've got this far in economics and come to love the subject. Since then, I've been achieving a level 7 in all of my tests and my mock exams, and my teacher has happily put me down as a level 7 in the calculated route (I live in the UK), and he has said I am one of his best students. Your energetic, kind, and caring nature shone through in your videos and have motivated me to always see the world as my classroom, and learn from everything around me :) Once again, thank you so much for everything--I never could've gotten a 7 without you!”

Anirudh- Class of 2021

“This website has made me love economics! It is well structured in the sense that it goes from small simple concepts, then building upon each other to reach a well-rounded knowledge about the topic. That is excellent for comprehension when you learn something new. The thing I most enjoyed and found very useful was that towards the end of the unit, the videos start focusing on possible real-life scenarios which make the viewer think of what to write and add in an evaluation for a test. The best part is that all possible "textbook" answers are given throughout the videos which are great when writing an evaluation. Having all textbook answers focused my thinking on solutions in the evaluation that are not mentioned in the textbook, for example, discussing ethical and or social consequences in addition to the economic ones. I loved this website and Brad's way of making almost any topic ”

Anthony - Class of 2021

A little bit about me...

I currently teach IB Economics and Theory of Knowledge in Santiago, Chile. I have also served as the IB Extended Essay Coordinator for the past four years.  I have 20 years of classroom experience, ten of which have been teaching both High Level and Standard Level IB Economics.  

Prior to moving to Chile in 2012, I spent four years at the American School of Nicaragua.  Three of those years I taught high school history, one of them I spent as High School Principal.  I began my teaching career in 2002 at the Atlanta Girls’ School in the United States. 

Prior to teaching, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the central mountains of the Dominican Republic. I am a graduate of Duke University where I studied Public Policy Studies and History.  

Teaching IB Economics has been the most rewarding experience of my twenty-year career and I would love to share a bit of what I've learned along the way.  

Please don't hesitate to send me an email to brad@bradcartwright.com if you have any questions.

Wishing you all the best out there.  

Stay safe and healthy!