Teacher Workshop Series - The Global Economy: International Economics

A 3-hour intensive workshop designed for IB Economics teachers who are looking for specific and practical strategies for teaching International Economics. Together we will cover the essential content, skills, assessment, pacing, and practical teaching strategies to effectively guide your students through their studies. The goal of this workshop is for you to feel fully empowered to teach IB International Economics!

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (New York Time)

- International Economics Workshop Details -

  • Essential Teaching Strategies for Effectively Teaching International Economics

  • Language: Recognizing, Defining, and Teaching Key Terms & Vocabulary

  • Calculations: Identifying & Teaching Specific Calculations

  • Diagrams: Recognizing and Teaching essential base diagrams -- The Free Trade Diagram - All Key Protectionist Diagrams

  • Analysis & Evaluation: Teaching these skills through effective structure

  • Topics Covered: Gains from International Trade - Free Trade and Protectionism - Exchange Rates - Balance of Payments - Economic Integration

  • Getting Connected - All attendees will get permanent access to a growing private community of previous workshop attendees just like you to share resources, ideas, stresses, successes via Slack. It's a “Global IB Economics Department" that'll be there when you need it.