• What will I actually get for my subscription?

    You will get full access to all of the IB Economics Resources covering the entirety of the IB Economics curriculum--Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Development Economics, and Theory of the Firm. That includes over 360 video lessons and more than 1,000 downloadable documents. All for US$ 9.95 a month.

  • I already have an IB Economics teacher, so why would I subscribe to your website?

    This site is designed to be a "course companion" for a student who is already enrolled in an IB Economics course somewhere in the world. I wanted to create a treasure trove of resources for students to have with them anytime they needed them. IB Economics is difficult to learn. I've always said that it takes three trips through our brains to fully comprehend the information. The entire point of this site is to provide you with full access to all of the material whenever you may need it. It is in no way intended to replace your teacher, rather that opposite, to support your learning as you go through your two-year course of study.

  • Do you actually live in your van?

    No, I don't live in my van, though it is my only vehicle. I live in the mountains just outside of Santiago, Chile. Most of the time, I'm living a normal urban-ish life of driving back and forth from school, etc.

  • How many video lessons are available to subscribers?

    You will have full access to 360+ IB Specific Video Lessons that break down each unit of the IB Economics curriculum into manageable parts.

  • Are there any downloadable documents available to subscribers?

    Yes! In fact, there are over 1,000 downloadable documents available to subscribers. Everything from Instructor's Notes to Slides to IB Key Terms to IB Core Concepts to Review Questions to IB Practice Exam Questions. Every document is directly tied to the IB subject guide.

  • I am new to teaching IB Economics, will these resources be helpful?

    Yes, absolutely! In fact, this site is ideal for you. With the Teacher Subscription you will have full access to all the resources to use in your classroom however and whenever you want.

  • I am interested in the Yearly School Subscription. How exactly does it work?

    The Yearly School Subscription option is designed for schools teaching IB Economics. It provides full access for up to 200 individual users (both students and teachers) to all sections of the IB Economics syllabus--Microeconomics, Macroeconomic, International Economics, Development Economics and Theory of the Firm. The subscription is for 12-months and is renewed annually.

  • I am a teacher, can I use these resources in my own class room?

    Yes! By all means, use them! That is a dream of mine--to empower fellow colleagues to teach, teach, teach. Go for it! There are over 1,000 downloadable documents available to you and feel free to use the videos in class as well.

  • Do I have to enter my credit card information for the Free Previews?

    No, absolutely not. You only need to create an account to see the free previews. You will be asked for your credit card information once you decide to subscribe or purchase materials.

  • Why would I pay for your resources when I have YouTube?

    Great question! While YouTube is a great learning tool for many things, it is, by design, NOT sequential, which makes it quite flawed in teaching or learning IB Economics. I love YouTube, but to be a fully informed IB Economics student the sequence matters A LOT. With these resources you can rest easy knowing that everything you need to know is right here for you, in sequence and structured directly around the IB Economics curriculum.

  • Do you cover HL and SL material in your videos?

    Yes, whether you are an HL or SL student, you will find the materials you will need.

  • I am a university student. Will your resources help me in my studies?

    Yes, definitely. The good news is that nearly all introductory level economics classes cover the exact same economic theories. For non-IB students, I have created a set of resources that will be helpful for any university level introductory course. Click the "All Resources" link in the footer and check out the five "General Course" offerings covering Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Development Economics, and Theory of the Firm.

  • What is the simplest way you can explain the value of your resources?

    The Individual Monthly Subscription is like having a fully informed IB Economics tutor available to you whenever you want for US$ 9.95 a month. That's a pretty good deal.

  • Do you currently teach IB Economics?

    Yes, I do. I currently teach IB Economics and Theory of Knowledge at the International School Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile.

  • I would rather purchase a set of resources than subscribe. Can I?

    Yes, absolutely! Each of the individual sections of the curriculum--Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International, Development, and Theory of the Firm--is available for a one time purchase of US$ 49.

  • Where did you study in university?

    I am a graduate of Duke University where I studied Public Policy Studies and History.

  • How long have you been a teacher?

    I am in my 18th year of teaching. I've been overseas for 12 years, having taught both here in Chile and at the American School of Nicaragua. I began my teaching career in 2002 at the Atlanta Girls’ School in the United States.